Hi, I'm Yash

Simply put, that sports journalist guy!

A Computer Science graduate. A YouTube binger. A "journalist". You could use all of those phrases to describe me, but a lover of sport does me the best service. I get enthralled by writing about the biggest stories in the world of sport. Before looking at my work, here's my take on the greatest sporting moment ever (may cause some debate, not my fault)...

6 July 2008. Gloomy clouds did little to diminish the unprecedented excitement of fans for a third Wimbledon final between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Grace against power, elegance against strength, the match had it all. We didn't care who won because after four hours 48 minutes, we had two champions "who met with triumph and disaster, and treated those imposters just the same."

Now here is the main reason you're here. Read and enjoy :)

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