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Why is Hamilton not revered?

Another stunning victory. Yet another sensational pole position and more records broken than one can count on their hands. Lewis Hamilton is making Formula One, a very deceptive sport in its gruelling nature mentally and physically, look incredibly easy at the moment. He is even surprising himself at times with the level of performance he is able to produce. Since his career began in 2007, he has taken the motor racing world by storm and his genius has been clear to see for everyone. With all these endless accolades, he should surely be mentioned in the same breath of Cristiano Ronaldo, Virat Kohli and Rafael Nadal of being the best at what they do. Yet, it almost seems that with his success being so ever-present, he is being taken for granted and not being celebrated for what a special sportsman he is.

Lewis Hamilton

A big factor in the lack of appreciation for Hamilton is probably the public perception around the sport of Formula One. Many common folk have tinted perspectives where they see the glitz and glamour that surrounds the drivers. Furthermore, the opinion of the engine and car being everything to winning in the sport puts the victories of the drivers into a state of almost ridicule. However, the strain on the drivers throughout the year is underrated and they have train just like other sportsmen and sportswomen. The preparation physically is one thing, but the mental preparation is at a level comparable to very few sports in the world. The many changes in tactics throughout a race seem to happen when the drivers get advice on their radio, but often they know and can sense the changes days before. Being ahead of the game is something that is revered but with Formula One, the people are not given the credit they deserve. However drivers like Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna and even Hamilton’s competitor in the form of Sebastian Vettel are appreciated with much more aplomb than the three-time world champion. Why is this the case?

If you take a look at his social media, it is clear to see that Hamilton enjoys his life outside of the grid. Celebrity friends, lavish spendings and a superstar lifestyle are just some of things the Englishman does to take his mind off the proceedings on the track. People in the modern day realise that athletes are being paid extortionately well to be successful in their trade. Despite this realisation, the common man seems to appreciate athletes with a simple lifestyle where they do very little in their free time other than being with their family. This probably lessens the jealousy they feel towards athletes but this should clearly not be the case. What Hamilton does in his personal life is absolutely personal to him, even if he decides to share it through photos on Instagram. Moreover, his performance has not seen a dip in all these years to hold his outgoing nature against him. If anything, it has made him more driven to focus completely when he is training and racing. The results are there for everyone to see. Now, with Hamilton holding many of the big records in the sport, one wonders how long it will be before he takes the ultimate record of seven world championships in his grasp.

Hamilton celebrates

As Hamilton tightens his grip on a fourth world championship after a brilliant weekend in Suzuka, this is clearly a sportsman at the top of his game. He should have nothing to prove by now with the superlative career he has had so far, but it seems like to the public he still has a way to go to get their adoration. Seeing from how he operates, it most likely will not affect him one bit if the crowds don’t love him, but it’s our responsibility to show this superstar he is the real deal. Otherwise, we will have failed him like we have done so far.